SkiHi takes pride in maintaining full fabrication abilities in-house. We have multiple shops within our complex that focus upon sheet metal fabrication, piping and plumbing pre-fabrication and assemblies, as well as steel and specialty metals fabrication. As a result we are able to support all of our field installation capabilities with quality materials in a timely manner.

Many of our projects have demanding schedules and occasionally special needs or circumstances arise that require a quick change of course. Our fabrication abilities allow us to respond quickly to those needs and support our projects during those critical periods. These coordination efforts serve to streamline the installation process and reduce our labor costs, thus making SkiHi more competitive in the marketplace.

Pre-fabrication of toilet batteries, coil connections, and space restricted assemblies requires close coordination between architectural, structural and mechanical systems. We have proven on job after job that early planning and the use of prefabrication capabilities is not only fast and efficient, but also produces superior finished installation.

Our shop specialized welding includes SMAW, GMAW and TIG processes in stainless steel pipe. Our pipe fabrication shop employs only ASME certified welders, which assures our clients a fast and accurate spool production. Quality control throughout this process ensures the project will be completed on time and according to the project specifications.